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Mar 14, 2013

Category: Video

Embracing online publishing trends is advisable for businesses wanting to build a rapport with potential customers. But once you have a great website and have set up social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google , Linkedin – what do you share with people?

Web videos are popular because people relate to visual content online; they are more likely to engage with it than written content, and it’s easily for people to share across all social media sites.

Here are 8 different video types that work well online:


Generate a friendly, human connection with your target market by inviting them to watch a short video about your business. A promotional video showcases your services or products in a personable way, rather than brochures or sales calls which can seem a bit detached.

Product demos

Do you sell products that would benefit from a demo video? Most buyers would like to see how something works, whether it’s before purchasing the item, or they want to find out how to use it after buying. You can also use a demo video to differentiate between products, helping potential customers decide what’s right for them.


Training videos could be for use within your company or externally, for teaching purposes or if your services have a visual component to demonstrate. We’ve recently been working with a company who promote voice techniques to aid with public speaking – this is the ideal scenario for a training video.

Customer interviews/testimonials

Give your potential customers a first-hand account of your services through interviews or testimonials. A video like this could either be staged in a studio, at your facilities or filmed at an event, all you have to do is find people willing to give a short review of your products or services.

Light-hearted, viral videos

Short, upbeat videos reflect your company’s fun side and are more likely to be shared around, hence why they are referred to as “viral videos”. If a video like this is successful it will put your brand name out all over the internet, for the right reasons.


Do you have a radio ad already? Transpose it into web video format by adding some typography to fit in with the audio. Not only is this cost effective, it also brings your radio advert to a much wider audience.

Staff interviews

Dissolve the illusion that your business is just a website and a logo and help people put faces to the name with a video introducing some of your staff. This can be done in a simple interview format, or it can be filmed on an average working day in the office – it’s up to you!

Video podcasts/blogs

We all update our blog or latest news regularly, so why not do it with video? Reach a wider audience with video blogs (or “vlogs”), which can be uploaded to YouTube, shared across social media platforms and displayed your website, of course.

To see many of these video types in action, have a look at what we do.

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