How To Market Yourself On Twitter

Feb 07, 2019

1) Make sure that you pick the correct profile picture and header picture. This is extremely important when marketing yourself on Twitter because it is the first thing that people will see. Having strong, appropriate pictures as your profile and header photos is vital in making a good impression to people who view your page. 

2) Your Twitter Biography is a great way to get across who you are and what you do. Sometimes – when appropriate – humour is a great tool to include in your bio as it shows off a bit of personality too! Just remember, you only have 160 characters to perfectly showcase yourself. Make sure to keep it accurate, targeted and concise in order to attract the desired audience. 

3) Use hashtags in your tweets. By using the correct hashtags, it helps to target your tweets to people who may have an interest in you or your business. Tweets that use hashtags, on average, get 33%1 more engagement than those that don’t. Try to create your own hashtags; using unbranded hashtags will also help to develop brand awareness. However, it is equally as important that you don’t overuse hashtags! Although they are great for interaction, hashtags can also be over-used. Don’t use more that 3 hashtags on a Twitter post. 

4) Using images within your tweets is also a great way of marketing yourself on Twitter. Having an eye-catching image will draw people’s attention to the tweet, making them more likely to click on the tweet. On average, tweets with images receive 18%2 more clicks than those without! Make sure that the image you use is always relevant to your tweet – don’t use images just for the sake of it and make sure that they accurately represent your brand. Always use high quality images.

5) Make use of Twitter’s Poll feature. Creating a poll is straightforward; just go to create a new tweet as normal and press the ‘poll’ feature. Then add in your question and the answer options (4 possible). Creating a poll is a great way to boost your engagement. The trick is in creating targeted and engaging questions; doing this inspires people to engage with the tweet and to get involved and give their opinion. Polls can be fun for customers to complete but they are also a great tool for market research purposes. You can use polls to ask customers about the service that they have received or to start interesting conversations.

So, there are our top tips for marketing yourself on Twitter. You’re always welcome to drop us a direct message, @thecreationlab on any of our platforms if you have any further questions, we’d be more than happy to help!

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