Top Tips For Marketing Yourself on Facebook

Mar 07, 2019

1) Perfect your profile pictures

Make sure that your profile looks professional but also engaging. Choosing the correct profile and cover pictures can make a huge difference; it is so important to choose images that represent your business well as they are often the first thing that profile visitors will see. By choosing appropriate images you are painting a positive picture about yourself.

2) A Brilliant Biography

Your biography is also a vital part of marketing yourself on Facebook. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get straight to the point about who you are and what you do. However, be careful because you only have 155 characters to represent yourself perfectly!

3) Rapid Response Time 

A rapid response time to messages, questions and comments that people have for you is a great way to take advantage of this platform. It also helps to build a positive light of your business as it shows that you care about helping potential customers as well as existing customers.

4) Pictures and videos

Adding visual media, such as pictures, videos and GIFs, to your posts is proven to increase your post engagement. It is estimated that a post with an image is 53% more likely to get likes than a post with just text. By choosing to post something visually appealing, you are more likely to have a higher post engagement because people are more inclined to want to click to view the visual media. This also increases the likelihood of them liking or commenting on your post.

5) Sharing external links of relevant articles

By sharing links to articles not written by you or your company, it shows that you understand relevant industry news. This is good for marketing yourself on Facebook because it provides your followers and people that your post reaches with useful information.

6) Take advantage of the poll feature

Facebook added a poll feature in late 2016, however it’s something that businesses don’t often take advantage of. Creating a post that uses the poll feature will help to increase engagement because people that your post reaches will be encouraged to vote. By coming up with an interesting topic and popular answers, you could get a lot of people involved and maybe even spark a discussion in the comments! However, one small hindrance with the poll feature is that on a business Facebook account you can only input two poll answer options, so choose your options wisely! 

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