What Is Email Marketing, and How Do You Design an Email?

Apr 05, 2019

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers. You can use them to give customers an update on your business news, send out special offers or just to remind customers that you’re there if they need you. However, it’s not just the content of your email that will make people want to use your services again; the design of it can help spark people’s interest too.

How does GDPR affect email marketing?

Due to the GDPR law, which came into effect in the UK in 2018, you can now only send marketing products to those who have consented to receiving it. If you sent an email to someone who was not subscribed, this would be a breach of GDPR law and could lead to large fines or penalties.

How do you design an email?

Design can be a very personal thing, it changes dramatically between different companies and can also vary from email-to-email within the same team.

  • It is important to stick with your company branding when designing an email. Your business colours are a great starting point to designing an email as they help make your brand recognisable to people who receive your email.

  • Font is also important. The font you use will depend on the purpose of your email. Your company is more than likely to have a font associated with it; if this is an easy-to-read, standard font, stick with it for the main body of your email. By using an easily readable font, this helps to keep people interested in reading the whole email that you have sent.

  • Calls to action within your emails are also a great design option. By designing your email to incorporate a link, maybe to a specific page on your website or to open a new email, you can encourage people who view your email to find out about your company further. Try to keep the call-to-action relatively high up in the design, making it easy to find.

  • Use images. Has something happened at the company recently that people might find interesting? Gone somewhere new with the company recently? Show your email recipients! People love to see visual content, as a wall of text can be boring. You can incorporate images to help break up the text and keep people interested.


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