Image Dimension Guide For Social Platforms

Jun 13, 2019

Across social media platforms, it is vital that you ensure the image you are posting is within the image dimensions in order to maximise engagement. It is important to consider that dimensions vary between devices and so the dimensions of an image will show differently on a desktop compared to a mobile phone. For all social media platforms, it is recommended that your images are in either JPG or PNG formats.

Below is our guide for the dimensions you should be using for the images that you post on various social media platforms.



For Facebook posts, we recommend that you use an image that is 1200 x 630 pixels. This will make it more likely for your post to show up correctly both in people’s feeds and on your profile. Many Facebook posts are text-based, so adding images really helps your posts to stand out. It is also highly likely that adding an image will help to increase engagement and post reach.



For Twitter posts, we recommend that you use images that are 440 x 220 pixels. As part of Twitter’s efforts to make the user experience as easy as possible, your images may often be shrunk, depending on the device that it is being viewed on. In order to try to make sure as much as possible of your image is viewed, no matter the device it is being viewed on, you should use these image dimensions.



For Instagram posts, you should try as much as possible to ensure that your post dimensions are square; we recommend using 1080 x 1080 pixels as your dimensions. Your Instagram posts do not show as this size on feeds, because Instagram scales them down. However, if you use the recommended dimensions, it should ensure that your image quality remains the same when it is scaled down to fit on various devices. You can post images on Instagram that are not square, however, when the image is viewed there will be white strips either side to fill the space. When shown on someone’s profile, the image will be zoomed in so that it appears square.



On Pinterest posts, there is a limit on the width of your image, but not the length. It is recommended that you keep your images 236 pixels wide, however, the height can be whatever you want. Pinterest will scale the images that you post to ensure that they do not look distorted when posted. It is important that you still keep your posts as concise as possible in order to appeal to Pinterest audiences. Just because you can use the space, doesn’t mean that you should try to make your post as long as possible; having a lot of blank space on the post will not do well for post aesthetic.



On LinkedIn, we recommend that you use images that are sized 1104 x 736 pixels. This size is recommended for images that accompany links and also general images. As with the other social networks, your image will not actually show up as this size on someone’s feed, however, it is recommended that your image is this size in order to maintain quality when LinkedIn shrinks it to fit different devices.


It is important that you use size dimensions across all social media platforms in order to ensure that your image quality remains the same when shrinking, as is highly likely, no matter which social media you use.

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