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A Day in the Life of: A Graduate Web Developer

Aug 31, 2018

We’re writing a mini-blog-series that explores the day-to-day lives of the fantastic Creation Lab team. You’ll be able to delve into the goings-on of our designer’s mind, find out what our developers do all day and see the frantic diary of our project coordinator.

Our graduate web developer, Mo, lets us into his working day at The Creation Lab! It’s Mo’s job to build a whole variety of bespoke, responsive websites for our range of clients…

First things first

I usually like to come into the office at around 8:30am and start the day by checking emails and taking a look at any updated projects. I’ll reply to all emails from clients as soon as they come in as great customer service is very important to me. Once all my colleagues arrive, we may have a quick meeting to discuss projects with a nice cup of tea.

Following my morning tea, I will begin work on one of our exciting websites or systems, such as a bespoke booking system or shop. I love working on new things as I enjoy being outside of my comfort zone in terms of knowledge.


I often have the opportunity to improve my skills, using new software and coming up with new solutions that can improve the websites we are building. I often work on smaller tasks throughout the day which could include updating older websites, adding new features to websites and solving tricky problems!

Solving Problems

My favourite thing about being a graduate web developer is solving problems, which luckily takes up around 99% of my time, and is the reason why I took this career path. Some problems can take a while to solve, but I love the feeling of ticking something off my to-do list.


Midday will see me reaching for another cup of tea and an afternoon snack. I’ll continue working on our projects up until lunch. I am a morning person and get things done early on in the day, leaving me to work on smaller tasks in the afternoon.

After lunch, I’ll finish up anything I was working on in the morning. Most of my afternoon will be taken up with smaller tasks, like ‘Flash Tasks’. These are small updates or changes to a website that take no longer than ten minutes to complete.

Home Time

The working day ends at 5pm, but I often like to stay behind to get some extra work done. I usually check my emails and projects before I leave to ensure everything is as it should be.

If you’re looking for a new website or need an extension to your marketing team via our support packages, why not give us a call today to find out more? You can contact Mo and the rest of the team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0800 644 7070.

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