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A Day in the Life of: A Project Coordinator

Aug 10, 2018

We’re starting a new mini-blog-series that explores the day-to-day lives of the fantastic Creation Lab team. You’ll be able to delve into the goings-on of our designer’s mind, find out what our developers do all day and see the frantic diary of our project coordinator.

Our project coordinator, Emily, is up next to let us delve into her to-do lists. Emily has a close bond with our clients to ensure we are all working closely together through every stage of their website build. She also adds all content into websites, helping to really bring it to life!  


First things first, I catch up on any emails that have come through over the weekend or overnight. I like to reply to clients as soon as I can, which is why this is my main focus in the morning. I’ll keep an eye on emails throughout the day, too, to ensure any urgent messages are quickly picked up on.


Once I’ve read and answered all emails, I’ll take some time to contact our clients to give them an update on their current project. Sometimes I will be chasing for feedback on their website or asking them to send over written text or images for the project. I’ll give our clients a call or email at least every other day to ensure we’re in constant contact.


The tasks on my to-do list vary from day to day. When a new project comes in, I’ll need to give the client a call to discuss their wants and needs. If a client has recently approved some content, it will be my job to add it to the website, figuring out the layouts and the best way to make it look perfect. Some of my everyday tasks include taking briefs, creating sitemaps, adding content, sourcing and cropping images, formatting website pages, testing websites and training clients on how to use the CMS! My days can be frantic and busy, but the variety means every day is fun and different.

Phone Calls

If you ever call The Creation Lab office, it’s likely you’ll be chatting away to me at the other end of the phone! The majority of phone calls we receive are support calls, offering our current clients help and advice on their website projects. No two calls are the same and they massively vary from day to day.

Emails (again!)

Before I leave for the day, I’ll ensure all emails have been responded to. Once all emails are ticked off my list, I’ll pack away my things and head home to relax… until tomorrow!

If you’re looking for a new website or need an extension to your marketing team via our support packages, why not give us a call today to find out more? You can contact Emily and the rest of the team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0800 644 7070.

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