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What This Year's John Lewis Ad Has Taught Us

Nov 11, 2016

Every year we eagerly await the masterpiece that the John Lewis Christmas advert has become, and every year we are far from disappointed with what we receive; but this year an A-level student has managed to fool thousands with a piece of his coursework for a media studies class.

The short 1 minute long clip has been viewed on YouTube more than 375,000 times since being uploaded, even beating some other big brands genuine ads such as house of Fraser, which has only a third as many views as the A levels students offerings!

The big companies are reported to be spending up to 6 million pounds on their Christmas ads this year, so they better watch out for any students on a budget. This spoof video is showcasing the advantages video can have for a business, even if you’re not quite on the same budget as John Lewis this year…

Here are our top tips for getting those festive videos to go viral!

1 – Share Share Share

Make sure to post your Christmas offerings all over the internet! If you really want your video to go viral, you will have to get used to putting it everywhere. John Lewis make sure to get their video posted on all social media platforms ASAP so that people can like and share it with their friends.

 The more shares your video gets, the more people will see it all over the world so it’s a vital part of online marketing.

2 – Make use of all technology!

A great idea when it comes to video is to send it out to your customers personally, so via an email or even a text message. This way you can individually address them and give them a little surprise for Christmas which they are sure to love.

If your business is aimed at children in particular, they will love the idea of receiving a personalised message straight from the North Pole, or even an animated character!

3 – Make them interactive

When making a seasonal video, a lesson to learn from John Lewis is to make it interactive. This year John Lewis put out teasers before their advert was even revealed with the hashtag bouncebounce. This prompts people to speculate and get excited for the video, and the hashtag allows them to discuss it online.

By getting customers talking about your video before its even been released, you are sure to start a buzz around it which is perfect for increasing views!

4 – Make them fun!

And finally, make sure your Christmas video is fun for your customers! You want them to remember it in a good way, and prompt a sense of trust in your company. If you put out a dull and meaningless video, they will project that view onto your business too, which nobody wants. So be original, be exciting, and be bold!


So that’s all our top tips for having video success this Christmas without the bank busting budget of the top brands out there! And now we know it’s possible to outdo those companies thanks to an A level student, we think it’s time to get the camera out.

Or if you lack the equipment needed, we would be happy to help! We have worked with many companies to bring their ideas to fruition, take a look at some of our past projects here. Get in contact with our team if you are interested in having your very own ‘John Lewis’ style video, just click here.

 John Lewis Fake


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