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What You Need to Know about Vero

Mar 02, 2018

You may have seen talk of new social media app, Vero, recently. So many people signed up to the network that it quickly climbed from space >1500 in the app store to the very top spot. But what makes Vero different to other new social networks that have tried and failed to overtake Facebook and Twitter in the past?


Vero claims to be a mix of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, though it doesn’t use algorithms or sponsored ads. It actually launched in 2015, though it failed to take off back then. Creator, Ayman Hariri, says the app is a true, authentic reflection of the user’s real life, and as with many other social networks, you can follow friends and celebrities and comment or like what they are doing.

Vero is similar to Instagram because it lets you post photos and videos. However, users can also send out text posts, share URLs and give TV, movie and book recommendations. Similarly, to Facebook, you can choose what you share and who you share it with on Vero. However, there is more control, as you can designate which category your friends sit in, whether you’re connecting for the first time or they are your lifelong BFFs.

Sounds good, but where’s the catch? As we mentioned, Vero does not use traditional paid-for ads. It does, however, charge an annual subscription fee for every user, though this hasn’t taken effect just yet. The exact cost of the subscription fee is not yet known. This could explain why Vero has had so many sign ups in the past week; they have been offering a free service for the first million signups.

Besides this, there are other reasons why so many people may be excited about a new social network. Other platforms have been struggling to keep users, more recently Snapchat has had over a million people sign a petition to revert its updates, and Facebook saw its users drop for the first time in history. There is also ongoing anger from Instagram users regarding the platforms algorithm.

Is Vero likely to take off? At The Creation Lab, we’re not so sure. Whilst we’re open to new and exciting social networks, it seems like we already have everything Vero has got to give. It does seem great to have a social network that doesn’t emphasise on advertisements, but the subscription fee is a huge disadvantage.

If you’re struggling with your current social media content, we can help! We can offer custom designed social media accounts to fit with your branding and will work with you to schedule updates that will attract and engage with your target audience.

For more information, you can get in touch with a member of the team by visiting our contact page, or by giving us a call on 0800 644 7070.

Category: Social Media

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