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Where to find inspiration for your new website

A new website deserves some thought, especially when it comes to design. As the most important online representation of your business, it needs to accurately reflect who you are, while also being functional for the user.
  A new website deserves some thought, especially when it comes to design. As the most important online representation of your business, it needs to accurately reflect w…

Meet Norm

Description Related Projects Hampshire Road Safety launched "Meet Norm" in a bid to teach young drivers about the importance of making the right decision on the roads. Norm is a t…


apps An app is a blank canvas for your brand; it can be informative or entertaining, corporate or eccentric, filled to the brim with useful and exciting things. In a world wher…

A4 Metals

Related Projects Based in Reading, A4 Metal Recycling offers decades of experience in recycling metal of all types and qualities. The company asked for an App, in order to condens…

The Palace

Description Related Projects Built in 1912, The Palace Theatre is a stunning venue oozing with history.  Located in the heart of Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, The Palace offers a hug…

Ella Jackson

Director ella Jackson       "I joined The Creation Lab many years ago ,in a junior position as a new media assistant, and worked my way up to director where I now work alongside…

Piran Meadows Resort And Spa

Description Related Projects Piran Meadows Piran Meadows is a beautiful holiday resort and spa set on the idyllic Cornish coast. The resort offers holidaymakers the chance to own …

Kirklees College

Description Related Projects Kirklees College is a further education college with two campuses in West Yorkshire. We converted their printed prospectus into a digital Flipbook so …


Project Name A Flipbook gives your online visitors access to a sleek digital version of your brochure or prospectus. Captured in high definition, with realistic pages and perfe…

Bright Minds

Description Related Projects Bright Minds is a leading online retailer for children's toys and educational resources. We were asked to create a series of blog articles to attract …


SEO Project Name SEO projects We don't just care about websites, we care about how well they perform in search engines, too. That's why all our website packages come with keywo…

Smith and Western

Description Related Projects Smith and Western was looking for a way to gain more restaurant bookings through their Facebook page.  We created a short video which we then conve…

Social Media

Project Name 65% of the UK thinks social media is better than call centres. With more and more customers using social media to talk to companies, rather than sending an email o…

Tiggers Nursery

Description Related Projects Tiggers Nurseries provide children with a nurturing, stimulating environment where they feel right at home. When Tiggers requested a new website, w…

Salomons Estate

Description Related Projects Salomons Estate, located in Tunbridge Wells, is a Victorian country house which has been converted into an elegant venue with private function rooms, …

Cliffs Pavilion

Description Related Projects The Cliffs Pavilion is a theatre seating 1,670, and offering a variety of shows, from comedy to live music. But the Cliffs Pavilion is much more than …

Virtual Tours

Project Name Show off your facilities online with a Virtual Tour. With high definition imagery and interactive elements, a virtual tour from The Creation Lab will showcase your…

DL Windows

Description Related Projects DL Windows is a Wiltshire based windows, doors and conservatories specialist, providing a friendly, hassle free service to all its clients. Our web…

Lloyd Maunder

Description Related Projects Lloyd Maunder Lloyd Maunder is a family butcher with shops currently open across the West Country. When the company decided to expand into online deli…

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