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Our Favourite Quotes For Inspiring Creativity

If you have visited us here at the Lab, you’ll know we are a creative bunch. We love expressing our creativity so much that we even have it written on the wall.
If you have visited us here at the Lab, you’ll know we are a creative bunch. We love expressing our creativity so much that we even have it written on the wall. We thought we w…

How Does Social Media Boost Business

Here at The Creation Lab, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to imagine how social media can work for your company. But we can assure you that, regardless of the nature of your business, it will benefit you,
“I own a skip hire company, who would want to follow me on Facebook?!” Even if you have your own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, we understand that in can still be diff…

Ruxley Garden Centre

Description Related Projects           We have been working with Ruxley Garden Centre on a number of projects over the years. It’s a real privilege to be involved with such …

Bryn Elian

Related Projects Bryn Elian High School offers a  modern learning environment for students aged between 11-18. We were asked to create a video highlighting the school's unique way…


Related Projects Hydro-Wrap is a Bristol based hydro-dripping company who can transform the surface of any 3D item with a range of patterns and styles on offer.  The water dipp…


Husseys Related Projects Husseys auction house approached us to film a promotional video for their website and social media.  We were pleased to be able to use our drone to fil…


Related Projects Together with Heart Kent, Skanska's Project SOS initiative gave one lucky winner the chance to see their community project completed. Entries were submitted throu…


Related Projects We were delighted to produce this video for Hadlow College to promote their amazing range of agricultural based courses and showcase the fantastic facilities on o…

Ward Security

Related Projects Ward Security wanted a unique way to share monthly news updates with their clients and partners. Instead of the typical email newsletter, we decided to create mon…

Cash Shop

Related Projects Cash Shop offers friendly, professional financial services to a range of customers, with services including pawnbroking, short term loans, cheque cashing and reta…

Velo Club

Related Projects We are delighted to be working with Velo Club Europe, the cycle tour company offering unforgettable trips for cyclists of all abilities.  Our customised blog a…

Happy Drains

Happy Drains Related Projects     Description Happy Drains offers services from drain unblocking to sewage problems, set up by industry experts that acquire over 25 years of ex…

Essex Weighs In

Related Projects We created the Essex Weighs In website, which allows people to create an online profile documenting their weight, diet and exercise in a pledge to get healthier. …

5 Productivity Tools We Can’t Live Without

Productivity doesn’t have to be an aspiration – if you have the right tools it can be a reality! Here at The Creation Lab office, we each have our own little methods of staying productive, such as the trusty list or going for a walk. But here are 5 tools …
  Productivity doesn’t have to be an aspiration – if you have the right tools it can be a reality! Here at The Creation Lab office, we each have our own little methods of stayin…

The Globe Inn

Restaurant & B&B Website Design We love working with hotels, restaurants and B&Bs - especially when they are as lovely as The Globe Inn!  We created a responsive website showca…

I need a website. What now?

Need a new website? Not sure what happens next? We've put a guide together which should steer you in the right direction...
Maybe you’ve just launched a new company and creating a new website is next on your list, or perhaps you’re already an established business but your website is out of date.  Now y…

Photo Shoot Offer for Kent and London Businesses

Team Photo Shoot Offer for Businesses across Kent and London   Is the Meet Team page on your website letting your business down? Worried a photo shoot will be too expensive? L…