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The 5 Must-Have Gadgets of Christmas 2016

If you haven't bought all of your Christmas presents over the black Friday weekend, don't fret! We have compiled the five top gadgets perfect for filling up everyone's stockings this year!
  Black Friday has been and gone and whilst many of you may have done the smart thing and got the majority of your Christmas shopping done over the weekend, there will always b…

Did Fake News Sites Impact the Election?

Recently complaints have been rolling in to Facebook that fake news sites are to blame for Donald Trumps election win; well we've compiled five of the worst stories reported over the period to see if this could have been the case!
  It was recently reported that people are starting to blame fake news sites for Trumps win in the latest election, which has resulted in Facebook having questions to answer fr…

Optimising Your E-Commerce Ready For Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and that means one thing, shoppers will be frantically searching for those bargains in the shops and online; but is your e-commerce site ready for the crush? Find out what you can do to prepare here!
It’s almost black Friday! And that means one thing…bargains galore in the shops AND online. Many people will choose to shop online this year to avoid the chaos that occurs on the …

The Importance of Load Time on Your Website

We all know that having a prolonged page load time can result in customers clicking off of your website, but did you know it can also impact on your overall SEO ranking in Google? Read all about it here.
We all know that having a prolonged page load time can result in customers clicking off of your website, but did you know it can also impact on your overall SEO ranking in Google?…

Our Guide to a Successful E-Commerce Site

When it comes to e-commerce sites, any business can utilise them; you just need to find the right balance between user experience and SEO rankings, and we are here to help!
When it comes to e-commerce sites, any business can utilise them, from office supplies to gym equipment, if you have a product to sell e-commerce will work for you. However, it i…

What This Year's John Lewis Ad Has Taught Us

This year an A-level student has managed to fool the world with a project for his media class, find out what we can learn from his antics (and the REAL John Lewis ad!)
Every year we eagerly await the masterpiece that the John Lewis Christmas advert has become, and every year we are far from disappointed with what we receive; but this year an A-…

6 Reasons Your Website Needs a Flipbook

Flipbooks are modern, good for the environment and easy to use - we thought we would take the time to list all of the benefits of having your very own flipbook on your website.
  With the introduction of eBooks and devices like Kindles and iPads offering online reading, it’s been predicted that it won’t be long until physical newspapers and magazines …

Make a Bang With Your Website This Fireworks Night!

Make sure you website is set to go off with a bang this fireworks night with content ranging from walk on presenters to promotional videos! All you need to know right here.
Does your website have that wow factor that fireworks are sure to spark this Saturday? If not, don’t panic we are here to help! There are plenty of additional features that ca…

Writing Business Blogs: 6 Top Tips

A blog is a great way to increase the web traffic through your site, but what do you write about? Take a look at our 6 top tips.
A blog is a great way to increase the web traffic through your site and it also positively impacts on your SEO ranking in google, so if your website has one that’s great! The only…