food thyme


We were asked by Food Thyme to help design a logo for their brand and a new website for their company, of which they can regularly update with blog posts and the latest news.

At the start of the process we came up with a number of different ideas, which is collated into a PDF. Click here to view the logo ideas PDF. From these, Food Thyme chose a logo that they loved and we worked around this style and theme to create a website for them to build their brand.  

Food thyme

Food Thyme is a lovely company who cater for parties, christenings, birthdays and other events. They make a selection of food that not only looks good but tastes amazing. Their website needed to represent the company and the quality of their food with lots of big imagery to show off their skills to current and potential clients. 

The food thyme logo

The Food Thyme logo was our starting point and we conducted relevant research to come up with a number of different logos that related to the Food Thyme brand. The colours and style of the logo chosen by Food Thyme became the inspiration behind the website design. 

The food thyme website

We really wanted to show off the fantastic culinary skills behind Food Thyme on their new website. We used big imagery to draw current and potential customers to the catering services Food Thyme offer.