5 Creative Exercises That Are Better Than Brainstorming

Feb 18, 2019

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  1. Make a mindmap – Creating a mindmap is a great way of combining both visual and written ideas. Grab a large piece of paper, some coloured pens and get everyone involved! A mindmap allows everyone to express their ideas in a way that suits them; through drawings, writing or a scribble, everyone’s ideas are relevant and shown somewhere that can be viewed at any time.
  2. Word association – Word association is a great way to broaden everyone’s vocabulary. Starting off with one idea and using word association is an effective technique used to explore more options for content. Word association can turn into a word bank so you keep a record of all of the words that you have discovered. This is beneficial because you can dip back into your files and easily find these words without having to do the exercise again. Word association could also be a great exercise for coming up with keywords that would be used in order to help improve your SEO.  
  3. Strengths and Weaknesses – By considering strengths and weaknesses of content that you produce, this ensures that you have a great understanding of how it will fit into the world of marketing so that you can work on eliminating weaknesses. It is important to assess strengths and weaknesses in a detailed way as anything that you create and put out for people to see has an impact on people’s perception of your business.
  4. Writing your ideas on sticky notes – Get all of the team together and each write down an individual idea on a sticky note. No conferring at this stage! Once everyone has written down an idea, everyone should stick their idea on the wall/table and then you can work through and possibly combine people’s idea. By writing ideas on sticky notes, it also helps to make the ideas visual.
  5. Passive ideas – You don’t always need to allocate a time for creative exercises. Sometimes people think of the best ideas at the most random times! A great idea would be to have a space where members of the team can go and write down their ideas any time something pops into their head! Then all that you have to do is set a time to review the board!


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