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Why Should I Have A Website?

Aug 20, 2012

A good website is integral for any business, and we at The Creation Lab offer custom website design and development to fill this need. But why is a website so important?

If your business has a website, it presents a good professional image to the consumer. With over 185 million active websites in the world, there are now more businesses with a website, than without. Having a website instantly puts your business on this map, making it accessible to anyone surfing the internet.

It is highly likely that someone finding out about your business (either through word of mouth or written down) is going to “google it”. If they find a well-designed, informative website, it reassures them that you are a legitimate business. It also eradicates your competitors – if they have a website and you do not, they are at an immediate advantage.

In just four years, the number of worldwide internet users has doubled, increasing from 1.15 million in 2007 to a massive 2.27 billion in 2012. What other marketing medium boasts such an international increase? With a website, you can take your local business to a global level overnight, reaching millions of people across the planet. It’s the most cost-effective way of reaching the most people.

Ever wished your business could be active 24/7? With the presence of a website, your business is on display all day, every day. There is always a wealth of knowledge accessible to your consumer, available in a short space of time. Without you even being present, a website can explain everything a potential client needs to know. This means if they go on to contact you directly, they already have an understanding of what your business is about.

A website, therefore, reduces repetitive phone calls and email enquiries. Any simple questions can be answered online, through an “About” or “FAQs” section. Through this, you are providing satisfying customer service, as well as leaving you with more time. Moreover, an online enquiry form is helpful for web users, making it easy for them to contact you if there are any further queries.

Another great advantage of a website is its flexibility. Whereas a printed brochure is expensive and arduous to update, online content can be refreshed and added to at any time. A website caters for your changing business; it’s actually beneficial to keep your website’s content fresh and appealing to suit your audience. It’s a multi-dimensional platform for your business, acting as a brochure, newsletter, blog, contact page, gallery, and portfolio all in one. Essentially, a website can be anything you want it to be.

A word of warning, though. Although a website is important for your business, it can be detrimental to your image if it looks bad or doesn’t function properly. This sounds obvious, but a business’ website is often the first point of contact for the consumer, and they will be put off if they cannot find their way around it.

But if you keep on top of your website, uploading fresh and interesting content regularly, it is sure to work wonders for your business.

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