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What This Year's John Lewis Ad Has Taught Us

This year an A-level student has managed to fool the world with a project for his media class, find out what we can learn from his antics (and the REAL John Lewis ad!)
Every year we eagerly await the masterpiece that the John Lewis Christmas advert has become, and every year we are far from disappointed with what we receive; but this year an A-…

The Options When it Comes to Promotional Video

Promotional videos are a brilliant way to show off your business online, but which style would best suit you? Take a look here to see our top five choices.
A promotional video is a great way to show off your business online, it can be shared on social media, posted on YouTube and utilised on your website too.  But which sort of vide…

5 Ways to Shoot the Perfect Drone Footage

You may have noticed that videos shot on drones have been on the rise recently, and for good reason too!
You may have noticed that videos shot on drones have been on the rise recently, and for good reason too. There’s no denying that drone footage makes video shots look amazing, and …

7 Benefits of Using Video to Promote Your Business

Online video has become part of everyday conversation. Whether it’s Adele’s Carpool Karaoke, a moving second-a-day video, or guinea pigs on a bridge, online videos get people talking offline.
  We think video is fantastic. Here are 7 reasons why we think video should be part of any business' online marketing strategy:   People love watching videos   Online vide…

How A Space Grandad Proves The Success of Online Video in 2015

This year, John Lewis ditches the fluffy animals and challenges us to “show someone they’re loved this Christmas”, through the story of a little girl, Lily, trying to make contact with a man on the moon.
This year, John Lewis ditches the fluffy animals and challenges us to “show someone they’re loved this Christmas”, through the story of a little girl, Lily, trying to make contac…


Our walk on presenters have long been a popular product here at The Creation Lab. We have used them for all sorts of creative projects, from modelling graduation gowns to demonstrating garden furniture.
WALK ON PRESENTERS HAVE LONG BEEN A FAVOURITE OF OURS HERE AT THE CREATION LAB. We have used them for all sorts of creative projects, from modelling graduation gowns to demons…


You may have read our previous blog post about the benefits of having a video on your website, so you'll know how much of an asset they can be to your business.
You may have read our previous blog post about the benefits of having a video on your website, so you'll know how much of an asset they can be to your business. But an online v…