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A Day in the Life of: A Graduate Web Developer

Find out the ins and outs of day-to-day life at The Creation Lab for our graduate web developer, Mo.
We’re writing a mini-blog-series that explores the day-to-day lives of the fantastic Creation Lab team. You’ll be able to delve into the goings-on of our designer’s mind, find out…

Diode Electrical logos

diode electrical logo Description Diode Electrical are a brand-new company that needed a logo to represent their work in the industry. They contacted The Creation Lab to create th…

A Day in the Life of: A Project Coordinator

Next up in our mini-blog-series, our project coordinator, Emily, lets us delve into her daily work at The Creation Lab.
We’re starting a new mini-blog-series that explores the day-to-day lives of the fantastic Creation Lab team. You’ll be able to delve into the goings-on of our designer’s mind, fin…

Rainbow Casino

rainbow casino Description With casinos all over the UK, Rainbow Casino offers a variety of party packages and games available to play upon your visit. Whether you just want a go…

S&B Automotives

s&b automotive Description S&B Automotive Academy offer training in a range of automotive disciplines such as heavy and light vehicles, buses, coaches, repairs, parts and much mo…


polhill Description Polhill Garden Centre is a beautiful, award-winning garden centre with restaurants, a coffee shop and kids play area on-site. With activities all year round a…

Retreat Estates

retreat estates Description The Creation Lab are excited to be working with Retreat Caravan Park to produce 2 blog posts each month and ten social media updates. Based on the coa…

Nurture Fertility

nurture fertility Description Nurture Fertility help you in your chances to have the family you want. After joining with The Fertility Partnership, the largest provider of assist…

Lanes Printers

lanes printers Related Projects Description Lanes Printers are a Kent-based printing company, established over 100 years ago. They produce almost any of your printing needs from …

Hardy Carpets

hardy carpets Description Based in Cornwall, Hardy Carpets are a family-run business that have been around for over 40 years. They can provide you with carpets, rugs and many oth…

Happy Drains

happy drains Description Happy Drains will help you with any of your drain problems or worries. From repairs to surveys, they can help you with one of their many skilled engineer…


get Description GET provide engineering training for the work place and have done this for over 40 years. They help to train apprentices in a variety of engineering areas, for co…


gap Description GAP Dental are a UK company that sell dental products for home use and professional use. Their website has a latest news page where they can keep their customers …

Cuttings Pawnbroker

CUTTINGS PAWNBROKER Cuttings pawnbroker    Description Description Cuttings is a two-part family business made up of a pawnbrokers and jewellers. They have been around for over…

Cuttings Jewellers

   CUTTINGS THE JEWELLERS Description Cuttings is a family run jewellers and pawnbrokers. They sell jewellery pieces and offer a pawnbroking service so that customers can obtai…

Charlton Recycled Auto Parts

   Description Charlton Recycled Auto Parts are a Cambridge-based company who sell parts for cars and specialise in 4x4 vehicles. Their website has a blog page filled with info…


   bates Description Bates Environmental is a sewage treatment specialist operating throughout Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and parts …

Airline connections

   airline connections Description Airline Connections are a transportation company that offer drop off and collect services to all major airports in the UK. They offer a 24-ho…

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