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Top Web Design Trends of 2017

We’ve put together some of our favourite web design trends that have featured on many of our websites in 2017.
All creative fields have ever-changing trends, and web design is no different. The web is a unique environment that is continuously changing and evolving. We’ve put together some …

Meet the Team : Will Samuel

Meet Will...our new junior web developer! He says the best thing about his job is turning creative designs into a beautiful responsive website using code! Find out more about Will...
    Find out more about Will here!

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: Everything You Need To Know

Still wondering if it's important for your website to be mobile-optimised? Don't get too comfortable...

I need a website. What now?

Need a new website? Not sure what happens next? We've put a guide together which should steer you in the right direction...
Maybe you’ve just launched a new company and creating a new website is next on your list, or perhaps you’re already an established business but your website is out of date.  Now y…

10 Of the Least Helpful Stock Photos of 2015

As you can probably tell from our last blog post “The Importance of Images In Web Design”, we love a good stock photo. As a team, we’ve spent a fair amount of time trawling through stock photos in order to find the most appropriate images for clients. But…
  1. These two have vowed to quit, honest:    2. We love this beautiful love affair between a woman and her rye bread:    3. This woman appears to have baked a clipboard…

The Importance of Images in Web Design

Since the dawn of the internet, images have enhanced the online experience, and they continue to be an integral part of website design as we move into 2016.
Since the dawn of the internet, images have enhanced the online experience, and they continue to be an integral part of website design as we move into 2016. The “Hero Image” tren…


Here at The Creation Lab we create websites that reflect the brand of our clients and target their audiences effectively. Although each website is different, there are still universal factors that contribute to every website we create.
Here at The Creation Lab, our website designs always aim to reflect the brand of our clients accurately, and target their audiences effectively. Although every website is unique, …

Augmented Reality: Exciting, Innovative, Irresistible advertising

Augmented Reality is the process of enhancing an experience by adding a digital overlay on top of what’s physically in front of you. It is revolutionising the way we advertise and the way we shop.
Imagine you’re sat at a bus stop and some movement in the billboard beside you catches your eye.  Suddenly, the advert springs to life.  The poster seems transparent as an unexpec…

Where to find inspiration for your new website

A new website deserves some thought, especially when it comes to design. As the most important online representation of your business, it needs to accurately reflect who you are, while also being functional for the user.
  A new website deserves some thought, especially when it comes to design. As the most important online representation of your business, it needs to accurately reflect w…


Before a website from The Creation Lab is brought into the world, it goes through a process which involved nearly every member of our team. We thought you might like to know a bit more about it…
Before a website from The Creation Lab is brought into the world, it goes through a process which involved nearly every member of our team. We thought you might like to know a bit…


A contact page is fairly self-explanatory, isn’t it? All you need is your contact details, and the enquiries will come flooding in, surely?


Wordpress is a bit like Ikea. If you want a low-cost bed, table or wardrobe for your home, Ikea is the answer.
As you can see, a WordPress website is much bulkier, which makes it slower.   TO SUM UP... Your website is usually the first impression your customers will receive about…

Why Should I Have A Website?

A good website is integral for any business, and we at The Creation Lab offer custom website design and development to fill this need. But why is a website so important?
A good website is integral for any business, and we at The Creation Lab offer custom website design and development to fill this need. But why is a website so important?   …