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6 Ways to Think Like a Creative

Here at The Lab, we've composed a list of just 6 of the ways you can start doing to think like a creative! Find out more here...

15 Ways to Release Your Creativity

When you’ve hit a wall, creativity can make you want to bang your head against the wall. However, you need to realise that, that feeling is probably part of the process. We’ve composed a list of 15 ways you can unlock your creativity if you’re feeling stu…
Creativity isn’t pinpointed to any one thing; it’s not something you can learn, there’s no one gene and there’s no exact moment of clarity you’ve had whilst on the beaches of Thai…

5 Productive Things you can be doing without the internet (at work)

Individually, we rely on the internet possibly too much and when we cannot access the internet we don’t really know what to do with ourselves. We came up with 5 things you can do if you lose the internet.
  In 1991 the World Wide Web was founded and put live to the public and since then it’s grown rapidly. The internet has become part of our everyday lives- it’s changed the way …

Food for Thought: How to boost creativity when you're out of the office?

Ever had that Friday afternoon where you are faced with creative block left, right and centre? It might be time to step out of the office in order to charge up your creativity. Taking a break from the office is a great way to boost creativity, and there a…
  Ever had that Friday afternoon where you are faced with creative block left, right and centre? It might be time to step out of the office in order to charge up your creativit…

What Makes An Infographic A Success?

If you want your company's infographic to stand out above the rest, look no further. We have put together the definitive list of what it takes to make yours a success!
  An infographic is an image combined with facts; it’s designed to be informative and is a great tool when it comes to promoting your business on social media. It presents info…

5 Ways Virtual Tours Can Improve Your Business

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase what you have to offer to your clients, we have put together a list of the top 5 ways they can improve your business.
  Virtual tours are a panoramic simulation of a real place or setting, made by taking a series of photos. You can click onto them and drag around the room, giving you a full vi…

5 Ways to Shoot the Perfect Drone Footage

You may have noticed that videos shot on drones have been on the rise recently, and for good reason too!
You may have noticed that videos shot on drones have been on the rise recently, and for good reason too. There’s no denying that drone footage makes video shots look amazing, and …

4 Examples of Awesome Viral Ads (and why they’re so successful)

What makes viral ads so successful? Adverts are no longer just about pitching a product to an audience; after all, none of us enjoy cold calls for a reason.
What can we learn? McDonald's What can we learn? What can we learn? Skittles What can we learn? We are innovators Be willing to embrace bizarre and off the wall ideas. That level…

30 Blog Post Ideas For Your Business Blog

The benefits of business blogging are countless, from building your reputation to gaining new leads and even increasing your profit. However, anyone who writes their own blog will know that after a while the ideas seem to fizzle out.
  The benefits of business blogging are countless, from building your reputation to gaining new leads and even increasing your profit. However, anyone who writes their own blog…


Whether you work for yourself or you are part of a bigger company, here are some fun and creative ideas to attract more customers!


From the trusty to-do list to the ever-dependable songs of Michael Jackson, here are some of The Creation Lab’s top tips for productivity in the workplace.
WE’VE BEEN REFLECTING ON WHAT KEEPS US MOTIVATED ON A TYPICAL WORK DAY.   While we are lucky to have a fantastic open-plan office, complete with a colourful meeting area and…