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Food for Thought: Need Inspiration for a new website design? Check these out…

A website is your second store front, if not your only one. You need it looking amazing, responsive and full of fresh content.
It only takes 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website. A website is your second store front, if not your only one. You need it looking amazing, responsive …

I’d Like A Promotional Video - But What Can I Do With It?

Here at The Creation Lab, we understand that a video is an investment and that you need to know that you will get something out of it in the long-run. You need to ensure that as many relevant people see the video as possible, but where do you start?
The prospect of having a promotional video produced for your company is an exciting one, but what can you do with it, once it’s been handed over to you? Here at The Creation La…

Our Favourite Quotes For Inspiring Creativity

If you have visited us here at the Lab, you’ll know we are a creative bunch. We love expressing our creativity so much that we even have it written on the wall.
If you have visited us here at the Lab, you’ll know we are a creative bunch. We love expressing our creativity so much that we even have it written on the wall. We thought we w…


Here at The Creation Lab we create websites that reflect the brand of our clients and target their audiences effectively. Although each website is different, there are still universal factors that contribute to every website we create.
Here at The Creation Lab, our website designs always aim to reflect the brand of our clients accurately, and target their audiences effectively. Although every website is unique, …


The problem with Search Engine Optimisation is that it’s hard to keep on top of it. With so many changes happening all the time, it’s difficult to know whether you are doing the right thing. Thankfully there’s a whole host of blogs and websites to help us…
The problem with Search Engine Optimisation is that it’s hard to keep on top of it. With so many changes happening all the time, it’s difficult to know whether you are doing the r…


You may have read our previous blog post about the benefits of having a video on your website, so you'll know how much of an asset they can be to your business.
You may have read our previous blog post about the benefits of having a video on your website, so you'll know how much of an asset they can be to your business. But an online v…