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How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of digital marketing

Digital advertising and e-commerce tactics became ever more important during the pandemic. Now, as doors re-open, the world of digital marketing has changed forever.
As lockdown orders came through and people began to shelter-at-home, many businesses felt the squeeze. Those that had no e-commerce component had to pivot or fail, and even well-e…

Made in Kent by The Creation Lab

Made in Kent is dedicated to showcasing small local businesses through live broadcasting.
Made in Kent is dedicated to showcasing small local businesses through live broadcasting. Every Thursday at 8pm we will introduce new local businesses to our live broadcast, givi…

Meet the Team : Billy Arnold

Meet Billy...our new apprentice! He says the reason he wanted to be The Creation Lab apprentice was the challenges of learning new things! Find out more about Billy...

5 Reasons Why you Should Attend our Seminar

We’re hosting a free seminar on Wednesday 6th September at 9:30am- 12pm. Our MD and internet guru Matt Soper will be chatting all about Digital Marketing giving you tips and advice on the subject.
  We’re hosting a free seminar on Wednesday 6th September at 9:30am- 12pm. Our MD and internet guru Matt Soper will be chatting all about Digital Marketing giving you tips and …

Bitesize Blog: 5 Blogging Mistakes Most People Make

A business blog is so important in showcasing to potential clients that you are the expert in your field and also keeping your website fresh with new quality content! They are a cheap and effective promotional tool for small businesses! We’ve put together…
  A business blog is so important in showcasing to potential clients that you are the expert in your field and also keeping your website fresh with new quality content! They ar…

Food for Thought: What makes a good Instagram Caption?

First and foremost, Instagram is all about compelling imagery. However, with the recent changes to the algorithm (posts now appear in feeds based on the likelihood the audience will be interested), this means an Instagram post needs to be a whole package,…
  First and foremost, Instagram is all about compelling imagery. However, with the recent changes to the algorithm (posts now appear in feeds based on the likelihood the audien…

Food for Thought: How to Prepare for a Redesign of your Website

Whether you want to make a few minor changes or a huge overhaul, web development and design is a huge process, one that takes patience and co-operation from numerous people. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a redesign, so if you are…
  Whether you want to make a few minor changes or a huge overhaul, web development and design is a huge process, one that takes patience and co-operation from numerous people. …

Bitesize Blog: 3 Ways to make your Blog Titles Click Worthy

It’s one thing writing great content but it’s another getting your blog read and ranked which becomes the real tricky part. This is where a killer title comes into play- the title almost acts as the salesperson for your blog post.
  Bitesize blogs are short, snappy, bite-size chunks of information that can be read in 5 minutes! So, take 5 minutes out of your day to learn something new. It’s one thing …

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