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Food for Thought: How to Prepare for a Redesign of your Website

Jul 03, 2017


Whether you want to make a few minor changes or a huge overhaul, web development and design is a huge process, one that takes patience and co-operation from numerous people. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a redesign, so if you are contemplating a complete overhaul here are a few steps you can take right now.


1. Consider your audience

Whether you are creating a website for business or for your own personal enjoyment, your number one concern should always be your audience. If you are a new business, think about who you want those clients to be. For example, if you are an estate agency and you sell luxury properties then the site should reflect clients of that caliber- dig deep into consumer behaviours and create a consumer profile to help with this.


Now you have a clear understanding of your clients or potential clients, you can now think about how to direct them through your site;  what colours, fonts and images to use.  Another important design feature is a call-to-action, a feature for your audience to get in contact with you easily; you need to tailor these to your audience as well.


 2. What were the pitfalls of your current site?

With your audience in mind, and a clear idea how to set out your CTA’s, it’s time to look at your current site through the eyes of your audience. Be critical and honest with yourself to see where alterations should be made.  You may love your design, but technology and trends are in constant rotation of change and your site needs to be up to date and satisfy your audience. Remember to think of functionality not design.  If you are unsure and need another set of eyes, we, The Creation Lab, can sit down and discuss the elements of your current site and help build a new one!


3. Minimise and Simplify

Your design should be to the point, keeping CTA’s clear with ease and accessibility at the fore front! Minimise distractions so, it becomes clear what services, products or classes you are offering. The overall message of your brand should drive your design, so don’t waffle and pad your site out with unnecessary copy. Big font is a trend for 2017 and one that can fill white space without having to have paragraphs and paragraphs of text.


4. What do you want to communicate through design?

Now that strategy and functionality have been considered, you can now move on to the design. Ask yourself what your current site is communicating; ask family and friends or colleagues what they think too.


The design of your site builds up trust with clients, as it visually represents your message. This step should not be overlooked as people only need 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on your website. Even if you want to make subtle changes to your design, it will make a lot of difference to the way your brand is perceived.


When redesigning a website, one of the most important things to consider is the way visitors are able to move through the site. You want people to spend as much time as possible on your site, and to not be redirected off the site to discover a competitor of yours!


Considering a redesign? Here at, The Creation Lab, we offer bespoke web design packages that are tailor-made to each of our client’s needs with their audience in mind!


Our in-house designer is on hand to answer any queries and to suggest sleeker options if needed, with our project coordinator at the end of the phone to keep you informed about the design at each stage of the development. Your approval is taken at each step to ensure you are completely happy with it too! So, if you feel your site needs a redesign or even a fancy video, why not contact us on 0800 644 7070. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter so, go and check us out! 

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