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Image Dimension Guide For Social Platforms

Take a look at our handy guide for the dimensions you should be using for the images that you post on various social media platforms.
Across social media platforms, it is vital that you ensure the image you are posting is within the image dimensions in order to maximise engagement. It is important to consider tha…

Optimum Number of Hashtags For Social Media Platforms

Hashtags can be used on multiple social media platforms - but how many should you use for each?
Hashtags can be used on multiple social media platforms. There is no fixed amount of hashtags that you should use on various platforms, however, the numbers below are a general gui…

What is Instagram’s in-app Checkout Feature?

Instagram recently announced an in-app checkout feature. What is it and what does it mean for the future of Instagram?
Instagram recently announced an in-app checkout feature. But what is it and what does it mean for the future of Instagram? What is it and how does it work? We’ve all been scrol…

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

When are the best times to post on social media for optimum engagement? Read our blog to find out.
There has been a huge amount of research conducted to try and find the best times to post on social media. Knowing the ideal times to post on various social media platforms is imp…

Top Tips For Marketing Yourself on Facebook

Take a look at our top tips for marketing yourself on Facebook
1) Perfect your profile pictures Make sure that your profile looks professional but also engaging. Choosing the correct profile and cover pictures can make a huge difference; it …

A Simple Guide to...Facebook

Everyone has heard about Facebook, and very rarely you meet someone that doesn’t have a Facebook profile. For those people who have been converted and want to sign up, welcome! We’re here to help make it easy. Facebook is free to join and use freely; it’s…
  Facebook; where do we start? It’s one of the original social platforms. In 2004, it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and has gone on to have 1.86 billion monthly active users a…

Food for Thought: The importance of a #hashtag

There are normally a lot of questions surrounding the infamous hashtag key; when is it appropriate? How many words shall I hashtag? What keywords do I need to hashtag? In this post we discuss the importance of the hashtag!
    There are normally a lot of questions surrounding the infamous hashtag key; when is it appropriate? How many words shall I hashtag? What keywords do I need to hashta…

Introducing The Mevo Camera

Facebook have made it easier than ever to steam live video from wherever you are in the world recently with the introduction of the Facebook live feature, but have you heard of the Mevo camera?
  Facebook have made it easier than ever to steam live video from wherever you are in the world recently with the introduction of the Facebook live feature, but have you heard …

Did Fake News Sites Impact the Election?

Recently complaints have been rolling in to Facebook that fake news sites are to blame for Donald Trumps election win; well we've compiled five of the worst stories reported over the period to see if this could have been the case!
  It was recently reported that people are starting to blame fake news sites for Trumps win in the latest election, which has resulted in Facebook having questions to answer fr…

Does Social Media Pose a Risk?

Social media is a highly useful tool for online marketing, however with the recent controversy around the Kardashian robbery, we wanted to know: does posting on social media pose a risk for your business? And how can you keep it safe?
  If you follow the news, you may have seen the recent multi million pound robbery of mega star Kim Kardashian. Many people are blaming the attack on the fact that she posted i…

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts Effectively

As a business, managing multiple social media accounts may seem like too much to handle. Like juggling many, many tennis balls at once...
  As a business, managing multiple social media accounts may seem like too much to handle. Like juggling many, many tennis balls at once: We want to make sure that you stay …

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