How to Understand Google Analytics

Apr 18, 2019

Google Analytics can look a bit daunting when you first sign in. There are a lot of stats and numbers and it may be a bit difficult to understand what they all mean. It is likely that the most useful information to you will be found in the ‘Audience Overview’ and ‘Behavior Overview’ sections. You can navigate to these sections by using the tabs over on the left. One of the most important things to do whenever you’re exploring Google Analytics is to ensure that the time period that you want to view is set correctly. This can be done in the top right corner.

The first thing that you want to look at is the number of users versus new users. User statistics will provide you with information about the number of users of your site in total, as well as how many of them were new users; new users are people who have not visited your website before. Google Analytics will also give you an idea of how many of the users are returning users; this is the number of people who have visited your site more than once. This information is useful to you because it gives you an idea of how much traffic your website is getting, as well as how much potential new business could be coming your way.

Page views are the number of pages on your site that were viewed by all users within the timeframe that you have selected. This is also an important piece of information because it gives you an insight into whether or not people are moving around your site. The higher the number of page views, the better; this is because it means that people are not just staying on one page.

The bounce rate is an important piece of information in terms of website data. Bounce rate comes in the form of a percentage and is based on whether people move to more than one page on a site before they leave. Ideally, you want as low a bounce rate as possible because it means that people are exploring the various pages on your site, not just looking at the homepage and leaving the site. However, how high or low a bounce rate is can depend on the reason for a user’s visit. It is important to know what your website’s bounce rate is because it can indicate whether or not your website is user-friendly and informative enough for users. It could also give you an indication of whether you should implement more calls to action on your website, to encourage users to engage with your site.

The behaviour of the users of your site can also be useful information to you as it could possibly give you an idea of the main reasons why people visit your website. For example, if your website advertises the range of services that you offer, this data could perhaps give you an idea of which of your services your website users are most interested in.


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