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5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

Mar 07, 2016

Category: Technology

When you look at your phone, the apps which are filling your screen may well include the likes of Facebook and SnapChat – but where does your company fit into this?

When other organisations in your industry don’t have a mobile app, we understand that it can be tricky to imagine how it would work for you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. Maybe your competitors haven’t thought of it yet, and this is your chance to beat them to it…

Here at The Creation Lab, we have put together an outline of the top 5 benefits of having a mobile app for your business:


Having an app is about offering your clients basic business offerings to build brand loyalty. Once someone has made the commitment to download it, you already have a connection with them.

Just imagine your little company logo sitting on someone’s iPhone screen, nestled between Instagram and WhatsApp. Once they’ve downloaded your app once, your clients will be subconsciously reminded of your existence every time they look at their phone.

You could even feature a Meet The Team section within the app, giving your company the personal touch. People like to know who they’re speaking to and, by putting a face to your name, people feel comforted in knowing that they are speaking to a member of the team, and not someone in a call centre.


Nowadays we are all busy and impatient. We abandon web pages if they don’t load within 3 seconds; If we need to book an appointment at the hairdressers, often we are unable to call during the week day opening times, and looking up contact details online can be a faff. Why not give your clients the ability to get in touch within a couple of seconds of glancing in the mirror and realising their barnet is beginning to look a little unruly? You could even include a section with a map and directions.


Push Notifications are a fantastic way of reminding your clients about your services by promoting any offers you have available. Perhaps you have launched a new product, or you need to remind people about an up-coming event, with a couple of clicks you can send a little notification out to everyone who has downloaded your app!

If you own a hairdressers, for example, and rely on repeat business, an app is ideal for you. By giving your clients the option to book an appointment within seconds, even out of your working hours, they are likely to choose you over your competitors.


By making it easier for your clients to contact you, they will be more likely to do so. Encourage people to get in touch by having a Contact Form or Book an Appointment functionality within an app. You could also link your social media accounts to the app, which may increase engagement on your Facebook page!


Why not digitalise your company’s coupons and loyalty cards? Instead of fumbling through a wad of cards in their purse or wallet, why not make your clients’ lives easier by having these within an app?

Imagine the money you will save on paper coupons, loyalty cards and flyers. When we hand out paper leaflets, many of them may well end up in the bin. If you send out push notifications to your clients, this won’t cost you anything so nothing is wasted; it’s a gentle reminder that you still exist, which won’t cost you a penny. This also means that apps are better for the environment!


Here at The Creation Lab, we’ve created mobile apps for a variety of companies from hairdressers to truck dealers; Jack, our Head Of Creative, is ever so good at coming up with exciting ideas for features - why not get in touch for an informal chat with him to find out more?


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