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A Day in the Life of: A Creative Writer

Jun 15, 2018

We’re starting a new mini-blog-series that explores the day-to-day lives of the fantastic Creation Lab team. You’ll be able to delve into the goings-on of our designer’s mind, find out what our developers do all day and see the frantic diary of our project coordinator.

To kickstart this off, our creative writer, Deena, explains how the day goes, hour by hour! It is the content writers job to oversee all content that goes into our websites, ensure it is booming with SEO keywords, has written meta data and not to mention the blog packages, too!

9:00AM- Uploading Blogs & Social Media

I usually arrive to work at around 8:45 and immediately check my emails and Basecamp messages that have accumulated over night. The first thing I’ll get to work on is uploading blogs and social posts to client’s websites and social media pages. On an average day, this will take around an hour and a half, but it really depends on how much is scheduled.

10:30AM- Begin Writing Blogs

Most days I will have around 2 blogs to write. These can range from gardening blogs for Polhill Garden Centre or dentistry social media posts for GAP Dental. Every day is different. All my blog titles are approved in advance, so I can start a blog off by researching about the topic and learning as much as I can. Google is a big tool for me and it helps me to wrap my head around some of the more unique subjects.

11:00AM- Make tea

Every day at 11AM is tea and snack time.

11:10AM- Keep Writing Blogs…

I’ll continue to write blogs up to lunch time, enjoying my tea and snack as I go! The fuel helps keep my brain ticking…

12:45PM- Lunch Time

I take lunch at 12:45PM for one hour, and usually take a walk to the local shop or watch YouTube videos!

1:45PM- Back to Work on Blogs & Social

If any blogs need finishing or proof-reading, I’ll do it now! If not, I’ll see if I have any social media posts scheduled to be written for the day. Most days will require at least one set of social media posts to be written, and these can take anywhere up to an hour to put together. A great tool I use for industry news is Buzzsumo.

2:45PM- Any Website Content?

If any website content needs to be written, I’ll usually take a look at it now. Our clients send over their own content or bullet points that will need to be amended by myself to include SEO keywords and meta data. I will often start writing a websites content on one day and finish it over the following week, frequently sending it back to the client for their input or amendments.

3:45PM- Blog Titles and Tasks

If any blog titles need writing, I’ll usually do it as we are nearing the end of the day. This means I can send them over to the client before the working day is over. I’ll also check my other tasks around this time, to see if any of my team members need my help with anything, such as with spellchecking a website or putting together small bits of content for a website.

4:30PM- Contacting Clients

At around 4:30PM, I’ll send any of the work I have done that day over to clients. I’ll also contact any clients who I am waiting to hear back from, update my Trello and SmartSheet to ensure I’m ready for the next working day and keep an eye on emails.

5:00PM- Home Time

The working day finishes at 5:00PM, so once everything on my list is complete for the day, I’ll pack up and head home for some down time!

If you’re looking for some written content for your website, social media posts or help with SEO, we can help. Why not take a look at some of the previous work we have done here?

For more information, you can contact the team today by visiting our contact page, or by giving us a call on 0800 644 7070.

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